My good friends Dave and Amber Smith made the long trip from Salt Lick, KY to Ontario last July to see Georgian Bay for the first time. This trip was 2 years in the making and we were all very excited to hit the water. What happened next was incredible!

Amber was casting her Lil' Darlin' Matrix and set the hooks into what would become the Largest Musky Released by a Female Angler in 2009 for the Muskies, INC club. Ambers' Massive Musky was a 56x25 inch GIANT that we weighed at 48 lbs on my Chatillon Scale.

Amber Smith's 56 inch Georgian Bay Giant Musky

With some assistance from husband Dave, Amber released her Musky back into Georgian Bay to grow up.

Amber Smith releases her 56 inch Georgian Bay Musky

I have seen her twice since her release and she looks healthy and ready to do battle once again.

A couple days later, Dave was using a Boo Dadley and caught his first 50 incher, a beautiful 35 pounder. We had his and hers 50 inch Muskies on Georgian Bay!!

Dave went on to catch 2 more 50 inch Muskies last year, one on a trip to the LOTW's and another back home on Cave Run. Amber is now recognized all over the Musky World for her incredible catch and she also has won a free replica from Muskies INC/Joe Fittante for her first place finish.

What Will Dadley Do Next???